Thanksgiving Day Parade

November 26th, 2020

This year please join us in the Parade of Thanksgiving!!!

You are invited to participate in the "Parade of Thanksgiving"! The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is pivoting the Thanksgiving celebration this year, and at the same time help those in need in the local community.

Taking the place of the Thanksgiving Day Parade for 2020, the Parade of Thanksgiving will be an official turkey drive to assist Extended Hands Food Bank in feeding local families this holiday season. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US! or find out more!

The Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade is also called Parada de Los Cerros, or Parade of the Hills.

Each year, Fountain Hills hosts the only Thanksgiving Day Parade in Arizona. Grab the family and enjoy floats, horses, marching bands and a Grand Marshall.



Downtown Fountain Hills
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268


Free to the public

About the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Parada de Los Cerros

Annual Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Fountain Hills. This year’s theme is “Songs of the Season”, so get your floats  ready! The parade starts at 9:00am and last approximately 1 hour. A lot of the local businesses participate as well as the VFW, classic cars clubs, Girl Scout troops, school groups and many others. With a few dozen floats, marching bands, dance routines, motorcycle shows, and Santa, it is sure to entertain.

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1. All entries will be subject to the approval of the Parade Committee. Any entry that does not conform to these rules and regulations will be eliminated from consideration. All decisions of the Parade Committee are final. Entry fees submitted by an entry that is not approved will be refunded. 2. Your Parade position and final details will be sent by November 6th. Numbers, that are to be prominently displayed on your entry, will be issued at the information meeting your entry's representative attends. If your entry is a group, please be certain that all members of the group have their position number and all the necessary details prior to parade day. 3. The Parade pace is 120 steps per minute, please pay attention to the unit ahead of you so that gaps and lags are not created. 4. Any entry that does not comply with the rules and regulations as set by the parade Committee will not be allowed to participate in the Parade. 5. Children under the age of six years will not be permitted to ride on a parade entry unless accompanied by an adult. 6. Local ordinances do not permit the discharge of firearms within the boundaries of Fountain Hills. ALL GUNS DISPLAYED BY PARADE ENTRIES MUST BE EMPTY! 7. LOCAL SAFETY REGULATIONS DO NOT PERMIT THE THROWING OF ITEMS FROM MOVING ENTRIES. CANDY OR OTHER ITEMS MAY BE DISTRIBUTED BY PARADE WALKERS ONLY AT CURBSIDE ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE. SPECTATORS ARE CONFINED TO THE CURBSIDE OR MEDIAN. 8. Cancellations (for any reason) need to notify Paige Lorentzen at the Chamber of Commerce at 480-837-1654 ext 232. Your cooperation is appreciated. 9. Judging of ALL entries will be conducted during the Parade. Judges are located at the intersection of Avenue of the Fountains & Saguaro Blvd. 10. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PERMITTED! 11. Entrants should arrive at the registration area by 7:00 AM tolocate positions. 12. All entries MUST be accompanied by a 50 words or less Announcer’s Script that will be read on the Public Address System during the Parade. These announcer scripts are to to by November 22nd. 13. No Excessive Stopping/Performing for judges on parade route. When you take a 1 minute stop to perform for judges, it hauls all of the entries behind you and creates a huge gap in the parade. If you want to stop for the judges, please keep it to 15 seconds maximum. For questions, please call Paige Lorentzen at 480-837-1654 ext 232!