Happy Monday, Fountain Hills! We have a super exciting Monday Member Spotlight to kick off the work week. This week, we are featuring one of our newest members, Consentio!

Veronique Benoit of Concentio will coach and mentor active women who suffer from stress, induced physical or mental pain. Additionally, she helps them reduce stress and elevate their general well being so they can “rock” in their life again!

Consentio’s technques are very popular in Europe, where Vernoique is from, yet it is not widely utilized here in the U. S. Veronique is bringing her practices from overseas and is one of the first people in America to teach these intergrative practices.

Veronique’s business specializes in relaxation, stress management, sophrology, meditation, midfulness based stress reduction, breathing techniques, awareness, sleep imporvement, stress relief, positive thinking and much more.

If you want to learn more about Consentio and Veronique, please visit their membership directory listing HERE!