The Chamber and FHCCA hosted the Fountain Hills Sanitary District board meeting a few weeks ago at our monthly networking breakfast. 
We planned the program together in advance, designed the process for accepting questions from the public and ensured all of the candidates could attend. Our organizations covered every detail to use our 60 minutes expeditiously and make the event relevant to public–it was even free to attend!
The one thing I did not anticipate was some of the candidates bad-mouthing each other. It started within the first 60 seconds and continued throughout the event. 
Call me naive, an optimist or even unrealistic but I sincerely expected the candidates to talk about their own qualifications, ideas and experience. While they each shared their relevant professional attributes, most engaged in insulting, belittling and accusing one or more of the other candidates on the panel.
I found it to be unprofessional, inappropriate and lacking decorum.
From my perspective, this theme is evident throughout politics and many other facets of public life. Reality shows, elected officials, celebrities and the news media find it appropriate to lash out at others rather than using their skills and talents to improve our world through constructive means.
There’s an old saying that goes, “You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.” It summarizes my thoughts about the candidates who trashed others by saying they have no experience, they’re writing derogatory letters to the editor and we have all of the experience as incumbents. 
I hope in the future we can find ways to build each other up, celebrate our differences and promote our strengths.