Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the Fountain Hills Leadership Academy.

The Fountain Hills Leadership Academy is an eight-week course of intense immersion into our town’s governmental processes. Session themes are centered around civic and community services, public safety, and local environmental management.

The Leadership Academy is focused on identifying a new generation of creative leaders in Fountain Hills.

According to the Fountain Hills Leadership Academy website, the goal is to create better-informed citizens and future leaders. One of the aspects of the course is for participants to create a project that identifies an authentic need in the community and offers a possible solution.

We always enjoy hosting this event and sharing information about the Fountain Hills Chamber as it helps our entire community grow, diversify and understand our interconnections. 

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

The 2017 class includes Mark Derksen, Lisa Murray, Bonnie Hollabaugh, Tom Lindsay, Kim Gamins, Kimberly Robertson, Kim Widner, Cynthia Magazine, Brent Cruikshank, Natalie Hogeboom, Scott Sommer, Don Harvel, Anita Glenister and Amy Arnold.

Each year the Leadership Academy will produce another 15 to 20 local leaders who are focused on the future of Fountain Hills. These individuals come from all walks of life. Some are already contributors within the business community while others are retired and seeking new ways to positively impact our community.

The inaugural class of 2016 was also instrumental in planning for the 2017 group. Thanks to Vicky Derksen, Ron Waldo, Clayton Corey, Denise Weinreich, Michael Maroon, Scott Schlossberg, Janet Scaggs, Johnny Weil, Jessica Brigand, Jodie Winters, Mayra Petrone, Art Tolis, Trent Renner and Linda Jones.

We congratulate both the 2016 and 2017 leaders for committing the time to the program but more importantly for identifying opportunities to give back to Fountain Hills and help us collectively solve community issues that have a positive impact on everyone.