Visitors ask questions of Chamber volunteers and staff about moving to Fountain Hills. 

Just last week a retired husband and wife stopped by the Chamber to inquire about living here. They asked 20 year resident Diane Cudzilo, Member Relations Coordinator, a myriad of questions ranging from why they should move here, night life and airport proximity to property taxes, crime and medical services.

When Diane needed help with even more questions, she called 30 year resident, former Mayor, Sharon Morgan to assist.

Other than a realtor, who is better to speak frankly with no agenda than a staff member or volunteer at the Chamber?

We’re not looking to sell anything to these visitors but simply connect them with resources–people, information and the sometimes forgotten brochures.

Their most basic questions ranged from why live here, to what’s happening here and why are there so many places for rent?

These evolved into longer conversations about airport proximity, shopping and looking for a property to buy.

Our 2 involved staff members with over 50 years of experience living here also gave them a community guide, area map, fountain hills map and list of realtors–those who are members of the Chamber, of course.

The potential new residents also inquired about quality of life programs, crime, medical services in Fountain Hills and those within a reasonable distance.

One of the most interesting questions was, “Did you ever feel secluded from the big city or too far out?” As you can imagine both employees of the Chamber said no because they like the separation from Phoenix metro while still being able to access a myriad of services within a 15 minute drive.

Send your visitors here and they can talk with any of our volunteers including Estelle Mackey, 5 year resident, Gail Appledorn, 15 year resident and Volunteer of the Year (2015) and Charlie Keller, 15 year resident. 

Let’s face it, there’s no phone app, website or brochure that can truly take the place of the experience these and many other visitors have by stopping-by the Chamber’s Visitor Center.