It’s been over a decade since the Fountain Hills Sanitary District received more applicants than seats available. 

The nearly 50 year old governmental organization has four candidates for only two open seats in the November 2017 board election. Ballot candidates are Gregg Dudash, Thomas Reski, Tony Finocchio and Scott Sommer.

As the Town of Fountain Hills experiences increases in local residential and commercial projects there seems to be a renewed interest in the future of the Sanitary District. 

The District is currently responsible for 13,000 accounts. If the state trust land were to be developed, there could be a few thousand new accounts. Additionally, several multi-million dollar renewal projects are on the horizon for the sanitary district. 

The Town Council approved a feasibility study for the Crystal Lagoon and Fountain Park project which could cause the District to need significant relocation of underground systems to meet the new project’s space requirements. 

The Fountain Hills Sanitary District operates 2 treatment facilities–the first is at their headquarters on Pepperwood Circle and another in Fountain Park. Nineteen pump stations bring sewage from homes and businesses to the District’s main facility for treatment. 

The District does not operate the world-famous Fountain. They do, however, provide the effluent water to the Town of Fountain Hills which does retain ownership and operation of Fountain Lake and the Fountain.

Learn more about the candidates for office and join us for a FREE breakfast, sponsored by the FHCCA and Chamber on Thursday, September 21. Registration is required in advance, here.