Happy Monday, Fountain Hills! This week we want to let everyone know about an exciting addition to our FH Connect Networking Breakfast for September; DayLite Films will be filming the entire panel discussion between the candidates for the Sanitary District’s board of directors!

Andrew Day, of DayLight Films, has agreed to completely cover the important discussion by being the event’s “Media Sponsor”, making it easier for those who cannot attend the event to learn the details of this election. Since this is the first time in quite awhile that there are more candidates than there are open spaces on the board, this is an important event for Fountain Hills voters to learn more about the issues, and how the candidates would respond to those issues.

We will be posting the video DayLite Films makes of the event on both our Facebook page, as well as our website/YouTube. We thank DayLite Films for working with us to bring the important details to Fountain Hills!

To learn more about DayLite Films, please see their website HERE!