The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, FH Connect Breakfast Networking featured a panel of Town officials to discuss the Crystal Lagoon and Fountain Park feasibility study. The panel included project supporters Mayor Linda Kavanagh, Councilmember Art Tolis, Councilmember Cecil Yates and Town Manager, Grady Miller.

The Crystal Lagoon Fountain Hills Top 10 facts stated in the presentation given by Councilmember Tolis:

  1. The 2008 Town approved Swaback Plan envisioned Fountain Park serving as a focal point for the downtown which would include waterfront activities, restaurants and some commercial uses. In other words, the Lagoon is not outside of the originally approved plan.
  2. Last December a work group was created to measure community support for a recreation lagoon at Fountain Park and to come back with a business plan
  3. It’s not a “done deal”. The study will reveal challenges, opportunities, estimated costs and the potential of this project.
  4. Noting happens until the voters approve a municipal bond to pay for the project. (That’s after the feasibility study is complete). Town Manager, Grady Miller noted the study should be ready in October, municipal bond in the spring 2018 and if approved they might break ground by 2019.
  5. Separation from existing lake recommended to be dammed with earth and small dam area.  Also maintain minimum 500 feet from Fountain.
  6. The study will be addressing many of the concerns –including the BIRDS and Parking potential issues.
  7. Location of project is recommended to be moved to South side of park closer to the existing commercial businesses.
  8. Possible improvement to irrigation by bypassing direct withdrawal from Lake which would allow us to treat lake water further and better manage the issues related to overspray.
  9. Fountain will NEVER be Tallest Fountain UNLESS the water was potable.  Therefore we need to re-image our community with new Fountain features.
  10. Falcons are used to deter pest birds is not a new concept. In fact, most companies across the globe use this technique based on the fact that it is one of the cheapest and highly effective techniques that come with the least environmental impact.


During July 2017, the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors endorsed the Town’s decision to produce a feasibility study that would address many concerns and opportunities in Fountain Park. The Board reserves their further opinions and support after the study is completed.


Supporting documents: 

  • Download the presentation given at the Chamber’s breakfast here.
  • This project was originally presented at the Town Council Study Session on June 13, 2017. View it here.