I’m going out on limb here but in 1970 when Robert P. McCulloch built the world famous fountain, I’m pretty sure people thought he was a little crazy.

Think about it. Let’s get three 600 horsepower pumps together and spray water 560 feet up in the middle of the desert. In a very dry environment, with limited water, let’s spray it high enough to be seen from over 30 miles away and see if people drive out there to watch it.

After a few years in this community, I can see why people are skeptical of spending money on the feasibility study for the Crystal Lagoon and the issues associated with effluent water and overspray.

Forty thousand dollars for a study is a lot for this Town.

But, there’s a much bigger issue here.

Opportunities like building a very unique revenue generating beach lagoon, high-rise apartments with ground floor commercial and even bringing a presidential candidate to Fountain Hills get people talking and just might prove beneficial to the people who so passionately speak for or against new ideas.

Being skeptical of new ideas is nothing new. Humans are comfortable with routines and things staying the same. This is exactly why “change” causes uncomfortableness, discontent and sometimes backlash.

If I have learned anything about managing change, it’s that I have to keep an open mind until I have enough information to make an informed decision. Sometimes a few sentences is sufficient and other times it takes months of investigation, research and data to truly isolate the possibilities presented in a new initiative.

The Crystal Lagoon and Fountain Park feasibility study is complex and causes people to feel emotions about what may or may not happen with this proposed project. I’ve heard a wide array of interesting comments. Like in a court trial, we really should not pass judgment until both sides of the issue have been presented.

I’m reserving my concerns and enthusiasm for the feasibility study.

BTW, if you want to hear from the Town of Fountain Hills, join Mayor Kavanagh and Councilmembers Art Tolis and Cecil Yates at the Chamber’s FH Connect Networking Breakfast on Thursday, August 17. More information is here.