Monday Member Spotlight: Kiwanis Lite

Here we go with another Monday Member Spotlight, featuring one of Fountain Hills’ newest volunteer groups – Kiwanis Lite!

Desert living can be rough, especially during the summer months, and even more especially for those who are homeless or underprivileged.

According to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, in Arizona, an average of 118 people die every year from excessive heat. 95% of those deaths occur between May and September. Without someplace to escape from the blazing Phoenix summer heat, our homeless neighbors are at risk of serious illness — even death! 

Kiwanis Lite, a new stem off of both the Sunset Kiwanis and Noon Kiwanis organizations, recently held a local water drive to help those in the valley who do not have access to water on a daily basis, an important and possibly life saving mission. The members of Kiwanis Lite were all asked to donate cases of bottled water and help get the word out about the drive. In total, the members and community partners donated 28 cases of water to the Phoenix Rescue Mission! In total, it is estimated that is considered to be over 670 individual bottles of water – wow!

Kiwanis Lite is a new service organization in town, and is currently looking for new members who are passionate about helping the Fountain Hills community. They have a meeting this Thursday, scheduled for 5:00PM at SunRidge Canyon. If you are interested in helping out and hearing more about what Kiwanis Lite is all about, make sure to stop by!

You can visit the Kiwanis Lite website HERE!