The Chamber’s Board has been considering the viability of our location for over two years. As the Park Place Project was approved by the Town Council and we understood the vision for the Avenue of the Fountains, it seemed prudent for us to determine if the Chamber should be located in a potential hub of visitor and resident activity. The future of the Chamber depends on remaining relevant and adapting to a changing business environment–this includes rethinking how we deliver services and which are the most needed by companies and entrepreneurs. Our location plays into this dialog.
The Board of the Fountain Hills Chamber is honored to partner with the Town of Fountain Hills to bring a new Visitor Center to our community. Should we decide to move, this Center will feature local hospitality services, information about State of Arizona attractions and other tourism related attractions–such as parks, hiking, the museum and the art walk. We believe the Avenue of the Fountains will become a welcoming and convenient location for pedestrians and drive-up visitors. 
If we relocate the Chamber, and come to an agreement with the Town Council, the Visitor Center will move forward. Currently, our Board is still in discussion about the future of our location and the opportunities for our building which include leasing or selling the property. In either case, we believe the Chamber’s location is critical for the success of the Visitor Center and the Park Place project should provide the right accessibility for us to showcase Fountain Hills in partnership with the Town.
When we have more definite plans, our Board will be happy to share more details.