We have a brand new Monday Member Spotlight this week, this time featuring Spooner Physical Therapy!

When most people think about the month of June, they think about the beginning of the summer season. Over at Spooner Physical Therapy, June signifies “Hand Therapy Month”! They are currently working on getting the word out about this important topic, and hope to have people realize the importance of keeping your hands healthy. 

Have you ever sat down at your desk, started to type and felt a sharp pain shoot through your hand and wrist?

Recently, a client came to Spooner with severe pain in her hand and wrist. In fact, she was in so much pain that she tried to convince her doctor to fast-track her to the operating room. However, her doctor encouraged her to try therapy first.

There are currently over 6,000 Certified Hand Therapists worldwide. In this difficult, but growing field, therapists are challenged to see a variety of conditions, from post-surgical arthroplasty, wrist and hand fractures, traumatic amputations, carpal tunnel, nerve trauma, neuropathies, and stretch injuries, to deteriorative conditions such as osteoarthritis. No matter the diagnosis, Hand Therapists are a master at their art and can maneuver the realm of hand rehabilitation with excellence.

As your hand works with skill and precision, so does your hand therapist. The therapist who specializes in the hand is a unique breed: one who likes perpetual change and challenge. Offer them a word of thanks next time you see them for their commitment to learning and specializing in the most complicated extremity of the body!

Spooners also gave us some interesting facts about hand therapy:

  • There are 27 bones in each hand (which means your hands make up ¼ of all the bones in the body!).
  • There are 29 named joints in the hand.
  • There are 123 named ligaments of the hand.
  • Your thumb is 50% of the strength in the hand, while the fingers have the other 50%.


For a screening concerning your hand, please schedule at the front desk to see Monica Walters, OTR/L Hand Therapy at Spooner Physical Therapy.

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