It’s always exciting to hear that our Chamber members are working on new endeavors! This week’s Monday Member Spotlight is on Kiwanis, as they are busy launching the new “Kiwanis Lite” program, which is aimed at getting a younger generation in Fountain Hills involved in the Fountain Hills community. 

Kiwanis Lite explores the interest level of a younger generation of Fountain Hills residents who wish to give back to the youth of our community. The organization is in the early stages of forming, and they encourage anyone who has a passion for helping children, and a little extra time on their hands, to come to their next meeting (scheduled for May 11).

Club presidents Dori Wittrig of Sunset Kiwanis and Ken Brown of Noon Kiwanis encourage participants to create a fundraiser of their choice and a community-giving project to benefit local youth annually. The Kiwanis’ motto is “Serving the Children of the World”, making this the perfect outlet to volunteer at if you are someone that has a passion for children

Kiwanis Lite will not have a meeting format typical of most community service organizations. Meetings will be what participants wish to make of it. One monthly meeting is anticipated in a social setting.

Thank you to our local Kiwanis club for doing their part in giving back to the community. We at the FH Chamber are excited to see where Kiwanis Lite goes in the future!

You can visit the Kiwanis Lite website HERE.