Joining a leads group is a commitment to others first, then yourself. 

It means you’re willing to share someone else’s business, and make a recommendation based on trust, to your clients with no expectation of return.

I often hear business owners asking about ROI on Facebook, and various other engagement mediums, and frankly it brings a smile to my face. What ever happened to giving with no expectation of receiving?

Give away some of your free secrets consistently. Watch how people will take notice. Not overnight, but in time–if you’re patient–results grow, you will develop a following and create the engagement that keeps people connected to you. If they’re connected and begin to trust you, they will think of you when your services are needed. It’s a winding road to ROI but it works.

The exact same model works for leads groups. You have to be willing to help others and trust in time you will receive as much or more, of what you give, in return. Service is circle, in time you too will be served.

Tomorrow, April 18, we are hosting an info meeting about our new Elite Leads Group from 12:00 to 12:45 pm. Registration is free here.

When you join our leads group, you should expect the following:

  • Consistent meeting schedule–likely two (2) meetings/month for one (1) hour.
  • Set agenda designed to engage people and limit rambling–Each person has a specific amount of time to speak.
  • Guest speakers will be allowed to talk about subjects of interest to the group.
  • Pay the leads group dues of $140/year. Some memberships include this fee.
  • Leads must be at least “warm”. By our definition, a warm lead is someone who has expressed an interest in your products and services and is referred from someone you already know and trust.
  • Attend regularly–don’t join if you can’t commit to attending at least 85% of the meetings.
  • Ample opportunities to know, like and trust (each person in the group) so you can refer business to them.
  • One business per category* (i.e. 1 realtor, 1 banker, 1 financial advisor, etc.). 


If you’re considering a leads group as part of your marketing plan, I hope you join us tomorrow to learn more. Remember to register here




Note: Elite leads group categories include Advertising, Animals, Apparel, Appearance, Appliances, Appraisals, Architectural, Art, Auction, Automotive, Business, Cleaning, Consulting/Coaching, Collectibles, Computer, Consulting, Embroidery, Employment, Engineering, Entertainment, Environmental, Equipment, Event, Planning, Facilities, Financial, Flowers, Food/Beverages, Funeral, Gifts, Glass, Health, &, Wellness, Insurance, Interior, Landscaping, Legal, Mailing, Services, Media, Medical, Mortgage, Moving, &, Storage, Office, Office, Organizing, Personal, Services, Pest, Control, Photography, Printing, Public, Relations, Real Estate, Recreation, Security, Signs, Telecommunications, Trades, Transportation, Travel, Wedding and Windows.