We have another Fountain Hills Friday member spotlight this week: Neighborhood Property Owners Association!

We here at the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce love to see our members get involved in the local community, but it is even better when they help fellow chamber members in the process The Neighborhood Property Owners Association (NPOA) of Fountain Hills recently gifted the FHHS Falcons football team $4,000 on their behalf to establish a special seating for the kids during home games. This donation will also help students receive free gate passes so they can all sit together and attend the games for the school year! We got the chance to learn more about this donation from Kim Robertson, the Executive Director of the NPOA:

After interviewing several groups in the community, NPOA felt the greatest unaddressed need this year were the children at the Fountain Hills High School, namely the Falcons Football team.  Robertson said, “Coach John Flynn and Booster President, Joh Hoyt told us of the need to unify the kids so that they could attend the home games and could all sit together as well as be able to attend without having to pay the entry gate fee”.  NPOA also was told that many of the students could not afford the gate fee, and therefore could not attend the Friday home games.  The FHHS now has a designated NPOA Student Section, painted Falcon blue, with the NPOA banner stretching across the entire NPOA student section.

When asking why NPOA felt the need to donate to the High School, Robertson explained, “We wanted to let the children know that they do matter, and we do care!  This donation was made to help bring a community feel to our FHHS, their families, teachers, staff, and all NPOA members”.

The $4,000 donation was raised with member plat permit fees, a new homeowner transfer fee, 50/50 drawings, donations, and various fundraising efforts throughout the year.

NPOA are not the only people excited about this partnership; the FHHS students are also thrilled about this donation! When asked about being able to help the Fountain Hills Community, Robertson stated, “We were able to witness first hand, at the first home game, the excitement of the students as they sat together clapping their hands in delight, whistling and cheering for the gift of the NPOA student section, and entry to all home games.We knew then, that we had made the right decision for these young kids.  It was a very proud night for everyone!”

NPOA has strong feelings about supporting the younger generation here in town. “We felt by giving back to the community of young adults, we would play a role in part of their maturity, cultivate their efforts to becoming a good citizen, promote a positive growth to adulthood by having respect for others.  We hope to establish a sense that they belong and matter to all of us who live in Fountain Hills”, Robertson said. 

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, NPOA, for striving to improve our town, and the future of its residents!

The NPOA Student Section

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