The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, voted in opposition to Proposition 206 which would progressively raise the State’s minimum wage to $12 per hour and require employers to pay sick time to all employees.

Earlier this year the Chamber’s public policy committee heard from Garrick Taylor, Arizona Chamber, and Bill Scheel, Javalina–the agency promoting the minimum wage increase. Both groups presented their positions regarding the benefits of raising the minimum wage or keeping with the federal government’s minimum wage program–which includes scheduled increases.

The Arizona Chamber has fought against minimum wage hikes citing “This initiative is bad for Arizona. If it passes, the very people the proposition’s organized labor supporters claim to want to help will be the most harmed. The poor, young people and those with few skills who would benefit most from an entry-level job will find themselves shut out of the job market as employers will have fewer dollars to devote to new hires. Read more here.

Healthy Working Families is leading the Proposition 206 battle claiming Arizona’s workers are underpaid and many are not eligible for paid sick leave. “Arizonans are interested in seeing their fellow citizens maintain a standard of living that covers their basic needs,” said Bill Scheel, the campaign manager for Arizona Healthy Working Families. “This survey voices what Arizonans already know about our current minimum wage of $8.05 — that it simply isn’t enough for working families to get by.” He added, “A gradual increase to $12 an hour and the provision of earned sick days is a step in the right direction to improving the lives of our working citizens.” Read more here.

Eight of the Chamber’s sixteen member board are small business owners located in Fountain Hills. Two own franchise businesses. Although few have employees who currently make minimum wage, several stated they believe the increase would cause them to consider streamlining positions and evaluate options more customer automation to avoid the wage increases up to $12 by 2020. 

Questions can be directed to Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, President/ CEO, Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce at or 480-837-1654.