It’s a season of change for one member of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce! Wendy’s, the local franchise known for their hamburgers and Frosty’s, has been sprucing up their establishment and been under construction and are ready to unveil their new look to Fountain Hills.

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The renovation began on August 8th and will be re-open to the public Friday, September 9. The restaurant was partially closed so that the contractors and workers could take over the construction completely, closing the dining room for most days. During that time, the drive through window was open to the public.  

According to Thomas Vezey, (Co-owner of the establishment with son, Jesse Vezey), the changes were chosen to be made due to the need for an update. “Wendy’s also wanted to provide their customers with the best experience possible”, Vezey said. The main changes came to the dining area, and also to the outside of the building, where a metal facade was placed. 

Wendy’s definitely had some goals when it came to  the new construction; after the renovation, they hope to delight every customer by offering great food and outstanding service in a totally new and comfortable environment. We are sure excited to stop by for lunch and see all of the great new changes!

Make sure visit the Fountain Hills Wendy’s location and skip the drive through, you definitely want to check out the new improvements for yourself. Thank you to Wendy’s for letting us know all about this great project, we are so happy to see our Chamber members improving their businesses!


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