Farmer’s Insurance Brings Help to Fountain Hills Teachers

Farmer’s Insurance (The Scott Schlossberg Agency) is teaming up with the community to help local teachers right here in Fountain Hills!  Farmer’s wants to assist those teachers by allowing people to nominate them to win cash awards for their classrooms. 

The great part of this is that Farmer’s has empowered their agents, such as Scott Schlossberg, and given them an allotted amount of cash to give to deserving teachers every week.  Scott intends to continue to give these cash gifts out weekly for the foreseeable future.  This is close to his heart because his children are in school now, and wants to help them, their classmates, and their teachers.

You can nominate a teacher to win here:

The Thank America’s Teachers Story – from Farmer’s Insurance

We’ve all had teacher’s in our lives that have inspired us, driven us, and helped shape us into the people we are today. Maybe they’re even teaching our kids now! Everyone has a story to tell of their favorite teacher, the one that went above and beyond the call of duty.

We’re indebted to these teachers, and we believe they deserve our gratitude, no matter how long it’s been.

But for us, thanking America’s teachers is more than about just showing our appreciation. It’s also about giving them the ability to make a big impact in their classrooms and community.

Throughout the year, Thank America’s Teachers and Farmers Insurance will give away more than $1 million in educational grants to our nation’s teachers, supporting proposals and exciting projects that make a difference.

This year, 180 teachers will receive $2,500 grants to fund projects in the classroom.

For those teachers who dream of making an even bigger impact, Farmers will award six $100,000 educational grants!

We couldn’t be more excited to see the array of proposals for innovative school and classroom programs. Last year alone Farmers spent nearly $1 million funding programs right in your backyard like:

  • Indoor equestrian learning facility for special needs children and adults
  • Teen driving training course
  • Literacy initiatives to help at-risk readers

Join us in sharing your thank you messages and voting for your favorite teacher proposals throughout the year.

Way to go, Farmer’s, especially Scott right here in Fountain Hills! Make sure to use the hashtag #FountainHillsFriday to let us know about what other great things are happening around town today. You never know, your post might get featured in the future!