Learning how network the right way in business is an essential skill for any professional. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, government officials, company executives, sales staff all need to network for job leads, referrals, exposure, connections and opportunities to grow their business. Learning how to effectively network is a perfect way to expand your company through new business relationships which can lead to new sales. There are many different business events that you can make use of in order to network with other entrepreneurs. One of these events is a trade show, and a good trade show performance can have a remarkable impact on your businesses’ networking efforts. So, if you are looking to put on a strong showing at your trade show exhibition, then it might be a good idea to visit www.johngibsondisplays.com.au for exhibition booths in Australia so that you can make a strong statement about the ambition of your business.

Get your pitch ready.

Not your sales pitch but your elevator pitch. When someone says wants to know a little about your company, you must be ready to tell me. I get asked this question a lot by people who are not familiar with chambers of commerce. I usually say something like this, “The Fountain Hills Chamber is a local association and we serve the business community by providing education, public policy information, networking and special events.” Be ready for follow-up questions. If you need help with public speaking, which includes one-to-one and small group communication, consider joining the Fountain Hills Toastmaster’s club.

Seek first to help others.

People can spot a desperate networking from across the room. Getting to know a handful of attendees will likely serve you better than trying to pass out your business card to everyone at the event. Understand others first. Ask questions and get to know their business, their ideas and their goals. You could even ask to check out some of their websites. In case you get asked this question, before attending any event, you need to be sure that you site us up to date. But more importantly, complete. I remember when I created my own website for my business, there was so many questions I had to ask myself and so many questions I had to find the answers to. One being, what is ia and ui. I had no idea back then until I did a bit of research into it. If I hadn’t looked into the idea of creating my own site as much as I did, I don’t think I would have a site that I like as much as the one I have now. Having a website makes you look professional to potential business partners and clients. First impressions definitely matter here.

Even if you do not close a sale, which is not the point of networking, you may learn something important about another person, industry or yourself. People appreciate generosity. Remember the phrase “what goes around comes around” and you too will receive by giving first to others.

Never dismiss a fellow networker as unimportant.

Discovering value in each person should be part of your mission. Ask questions and show genuine interest in learning about each person. Avoid allowing titles to influence your attention paid to a particular attendee. CEOs are not always ready to say yes and front line sales people sometimes have the influence to help you navigate their company to make a sale.

Pay attention to connection opportunities.

As you move through the networking event you’re likely to find people who should meet each other. Take a moment to introduce them. Be sure to give them your details so they can stay in touch through an online phone book or social media. By doing this you’re contributing to the experience, expanding your network and helping others. People rarely forget who introduced them to a new contact and they will appreciate that you’re trying to be useful.

Set expectations and follow-up.

If you promised to follow-up or make an introduction, be sure to do so. Everyone is busy with jobs, families and commitments–it only takes a minute to shoot off an email introduction to people you want to connect. Sometimes the simplest thing, like an introduction, can make a big impact on someone else’s life and give you the gratification of helping others.

Looking for networking opportunities and networking groups in Fountain Hills, visit the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce calendar of events to see our local networking experiences. We welcome guests to attend and check us out!