Fountain Hills Theater Receives Over 50 AriZoni Award Nominations

August 1 was a big day for the Fountain Hills Theater. The organization and Chamber member received over 50 nominations for the ariZoni Theater Awards of Excellence!

The ariZoni Theater Awards is  devoted to growing and bringing to light the art of theater in the Valley of the Sun and Maricopa County. Every year, they host an awards show to honor individuals or organizations for their many contributions to theater. On top of that, there are many awards given to actors and those “behind the scenes” that have shown outstanding performances and productions during the season. The ariZoni Theater say that their awards “represent truce celebrations of excellence in theater”. 

This year, the Fountain Hills Theater made quite the splash at the “Reading of Nominations” ceremony, getting multiple nominations in a number of categories, as well as getting noticed in almost every category awarded. You can read a full list of nominees at the ariZoni Theater’s website here:

The awards ceremony will take place Monday, September 19. If you would like to purchase tickets to the ceremony, you can do so by visiting the Tempe Center for the Arts website.

Congratulations, Fountain Hills Theater!