This week I visited with a member of many years that was unaware of many of our new services. It caused me to wonder if we have others who are not using all of their membership benefits. Joining the Chamber is an opportunity to access advertising, education, public policy and other resources that are not available from any other organization. Here’s an updated list of services provided by the Fountain Hills Chamber:
  • Chamber Dealz (Tuesdays) – Your sale, discount or special pricing goes out to our list of 1300+ members and community subscribers. An example is HERE. 
  • Member Events (Thursdays) – Send your special event, seminar or free class to our email list.
  • Chamber University – Each month we provide 1-2 educational classes targeted at small businesses.
  • Public Policy Committee – This monthly meeting of local leaders discusses issues that range from a-frame signs to the recent marijuana initiatives. Information comes from Town government, the news media and the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance (EVCCA).
  • Banner Advertising – Your ad on the Chamber’s member directory page or calendar page. An example is HERE.
  • Signature Event Sponsorship – Currently we offer five (5) events with sponsorship opportunities. This is a great way for your company to be affiliated with high profile events in the local business community. 
  • Elite Leads Group – Join a single-category group of Chamber members who are focused on providing referrals. More information is HERE.
  • Online Directory Listing – Every membership includes this service. It’s a great way to increase your local SEO and let the public know you’re a member of the Chamber. If you would like to expand your listing and include photos, video and more content, we can help for only $50. Contact our office for details.
Finally, nothing can replace good old-fashioned networking by attending the monthly FH Connect Breakfast or joining a leads group. Meeting someone in person makes all the difference in the world if you want to build a lasting relationship. Face-to-face conversations, body language and tone of voice all play a big role in creating lasting professional opportunities.
There you have it! Make your Chamber membership part of your company’s overall marketing plan and see how your results will improve.