fountain festival & the great fair

non-profit rules for participation


The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce seeks to serve the local non-profit community by providing a complimentary 10′ x 10′ booth space, to Fountain Hills organizations, during the Fountain Festival and/or The Great Fair, that meet the requirements listed below:

1. 1st come 1st settled in on Thursdays.

2. No selling of products – cannot have any competition with artists. If payment is received, that’s considered selling.

3. Raffle items are are allowed.

4. Acceptance of donations is allowed.

5. Must have booth manned all three (3) days and follow other rules the same as artists. Non-profits that close early may be denied entry in the future.

6. As with the artists must stay within the confines of your booth – no hawking visitors – no roaming the streets of the fair. 

7. Only one (1) free booth per 501c3 or charitable organization.

8. Must be registered w/Chamber no later than one week prior to art show. 

9. Any deviance from the above will be at the discretion of the Chamber.


Please contact the Fountain Hills events department with any questions at