Thanks for supporting the Fair

February 26, 2019 9:59 am


A special thanks to the artists and shoppers who joined us on Friday, February 22 in the rain!

It’s not very often that rain and the Chamber’s The Great Fair collide but this past week was truly a uniquely Fountain Hills experience.

After raining all day on Thursday, snow began to fall around 8pm in Fountain Hills. My husband and I woke our kids, played outside and then everyone was off to bed.

Little did we know that it would snow all night. Most of the Town woke to a blanket of snow covering the mountains, plants, houses, roads, cars and anything that lay still on the ground.

As you might imagine, snow or rain is not ideal for an outdoor art fair.

Brave artists, our dedicated staff and fantastic shoppers put on their rain coats, found their umbrellas (which are often lost since we rarely use them) and braved the elements to experience a truly historic day at the The Great Fair.

One of our artists remarked that even in the rain she made enough money to pay all of her expenses with still two days left in the show.

Saturday and Sunday were record days for attendance in the bright sunshine. People were out by the tens of thousands to shop, chat, stroll and see what new items are available from nearly 500 artisans.

To those who demonstrated the fortitude to shop in the cold and rain… we truly appreciate your support!

Many of our artists travel from across the Southwest and the United States to join us for the opportunity to share their work with you and earn a living. One bad day in our show can have a significant impact on their art season.

Thank you shoppers, artists and Fountain Hills for another fun, exciting, productive and historic Great Fair.

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