Congratulations to Mayor Dickey

December 4, 2018 12:41 pm


Dear Mayor Dickey,

Congratulations on your successful campaign to serve as the Mayor of the Town of Fountain Hills. We value and respect you as a leader and the Office of Mayor as a key leadership role in our community.

The Chamber’s membership is comprised of local, involved and engaged business professionals and company owners. We believe in the spirit of working together for the improvement of our entire Town. 

While we already know you as a former Town Councilmember, school board member and community activist, we now have the opportunity to work with you as our Mayor.

As a new Mayor, we understand you may have questions about the Chamber of Commerce and business community. We are ready and willing to meet with you to discuss issues, opportunities and strategies to improve, strengthen and further advance our Town’s strategic goals for programs, service and overall economic development. 

We know there are many stakeholder groups that will seek your involvement. It is our sincere belief the business community plays a crucial role in the long-term success of Fountain Hills as a destination for companies, residents and visitors. The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1974 and has continuously worked closely with Town leaders to ensure our business community is heard, represented and understood. 

Our Chamber is focused on quality programs for members and being a voice for the entire business community. As issues arise we hope you will be an advocate of our local companies, non-profit organizations and faith based community. Each bring significant community attributes to the Town of Fountain Hills and make this a great place to visit, live and work.

We wish you much success in your term as Mayor and stand ready to assist you.


The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce

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