Fountain Hills Chamber Poised For Focus Groups, New Services

June 14, 2018 2:47 pm


(Fountain Hills, Ariz.) – The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is making a move to attract more businesses and create more excitement for current members with a proposed slate of new services.

“Before we begin the planning process, we need to dig deep into the minds of business people to see what people want out of our Chamber,” said CEO Scott Soldat-Valenzuela.

A series of focus groups are set for Friday, June 22nd at the Chamber offices and will be handled by knoodle, a public relations and marketing firm, who is offering this service free of charge. An online survey is also being sent out to Chamber members and area business people.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, who assumed leadership four years ago, has brought the thriving community into the spotlight with a new outlook on business, a new logo and a new attitude for the fledgling community.

Now he is turning his attention to a new slate of services aimed at broadening Chamber membership at attracting businesses of all sizes. Potential services include: co-working space, state of the art marketing opportunities, educational resources and varied meeting spaces.

A complete renovation of the current space is under serious consideration by the new Chamber Board, as well as Soldat-Valenzuela.

“We would love to see the Chamber become a central gathering spot for business people and their supporters,” he said. “But first we want to see what people think and that’s why we are putting time and effort into focus groups and surveys,” he said.

The focus groups are open to local business people and are expected to last no more than an hour. They are scheduled for 7:30a, Noon and 4:30p at the Chamber’s Palisades address. 




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