Town releases commercial property tax estimator

March 6, 2018 3:10 pm


The Town of Fountain hills has released a commercial property tax estimator to determine the impact of primary property tax on the May 15 special election ballot.

After a request from the Chamber, the Town staff quickly created an online estimating tool for assessing the cost of the proposed primary property tax on commercial holdings.

The Town’s commercial property estimator allows an owner to enter the Limited Property Value (LPV) from the Maricopa County Accessor’s office and see the tax increase. A residential tax estimator was published earlier this year.

Maricopa County Accessor’s office mailed the most recent assessments on February 17, 2018. The Chamber’s potential tax hike is $965.60 which represents an increase from $5358.74 to $6324.34. 

The Board of Directors, of the Fountain Hills Chamber, does not favor raising taxes on business owners. However, the primary property tax is part of an overall plan to balance the Town’s budget and maintain a quality infrastructure which is good for business attraction and retention.

For more information on the May 15 special election, please visit the Town of Fountain Hills website.

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